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Since the nineteenth century tales of paranormal encounters in the historic building of the hotel have been spoken by guests and staff alike.  Murphys was the real wild west, a Gold Rush boomtown where adventurers took aim at their chance for fame and fortune...or anyone who was in the way.  The hotel doubled as an offical stop for the Wells Fargo Bank Stagecoach, making it an ideal target for bandits including Black Bart - the gentleman bandit.  This wild frontier environment caused many events  to occur, and some believe that some guests never left.  Logs are left in the historic rooms so guests and staff may record any occurances that happen in their presence.

The primary reported spirits are:

Eleonor was a maid at the hotel who fell in love with an adventurer, and waited for her love interest to return - who never did.  It is speculated that she stills waits, and oversees the hotel.  She is noted to feel most active if she feels that the honor of the hotel is being challenged. 

The Prospector
Murphys was a wild town.  This prospector came to Murphys to seek his fortune, but ultimately met his fate after "falling" off of the hotel's front balcony.  Staff and guests have reported seeing him hunched over the bar in the saloon, still seeking his fortune.

The Child
By far the most active, this spirit allegedly haunts the lobby and front office of the hotel.  Staff members have reported merchandise and artifacts moving, light flickering, and the doorknob being played with.  These activities seem more of a prankster than  an adult.

The hotel has been the subject of several professional and amatuer investigations.  Click here to watch a Youtube video and EVP findings from a 2009 investigation by the American Paranormal Research Association, and here to see a video of a 2008 investigation by California Haunts

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